Description of spa procedures in hotel Villa Savoy

We offer a wide range of therapeutic and relaxation massages. Enjoy example, a fragrant aroma body massage or a relaxing hot stone massage.

Underwater massage

The massage is done in the aquatic environment. It combines the effect of the overall thermal baths and massages. It provides muscle relaxation, blood circulation of the skin and subcutaneous tissue, stimulating the lymphatic system, improving joint mobility and at the same time alleviate musculoskeletal pain.

Classical massage (back, neck, legs, arms)

It removes fatigue and enhances regeneration. This procedure is applied for musculoskeletal disorders (eg pain relief) is complementary therapy where it is necessary to relax stiff muscles and treat painful contractions. Its total relaxation effects for the organism.

Reflexive sole massage

is a therapeutic method that by the pressing or stroking of the reflex points helps with the treatment of certain diseases and also acts preventively against their outbreak. The reflexology is based on the knowledge that energy flows through the body via paths known as the meridians, which can be blocked due to poor conditions resulting in illnesses or health problems. Reflex massages of the soles can free up this energy and restore the lost balance in the body.

Classical partial massage

Effects of massage is stimulation of receptors, promoting metabolism, trophic and circulation in the tissues of the massaged area. It is comfortable method with strong psychotherapeutic effect.

The lymphatic massage of the lower and upper limbs

is a medically proven and commonly practiced procedure. The lymphatic massage is a gentle massage technique, during which it is possible to activate the lymph and thus to achieve flushing out the pollutants from the body. It is effective for example in regenerating and detoxifying the body, relieving swelling of the hands and feet, during the heavy legs sensation, eliminating swelling after surgery, correcting the insufficiency of veins, removing cellulite.

Manual lymphatic massage - face

It helps in frequent inflammation of the sinuses and middle ear, dental problems, preventive migraine, acne. Drainage is removed from the face of accumulated toxins, the skin becomes more flexible and more resistant to wrinkling. Recently, it is often indicated after plastic surgery of the face and neck, after sculptures eyelids, facelift and wherever there is a post-operative swelling. It accelerates healing and softening scars. Facial lymphatic drainage has become an essential part of modern skin care is also used in anti-aging program.

Balling (ball facilitation)

belongs to the category of soft techniques, suitable for the relaxation of the back, neck, chest muscles, it is also helpful with resolving breathing difficulties.

Cupping - the vacuum therapy

The vacuum created in a bulb is causing the suction. The cup with its strong local vacuum causes rapid blood circulation thus warming and oxygenating the area. This results in the flushing out of accumulated pollutants, the relief of back pain and the adjustment of the function of the relevant internal organ. However, the vacuum results in the cracking of fine capillaries, resulting in a small blood discharge that transpires as a bruise, which disappears in a few days. The effect of the cup also positively influences the metabolic processes in the surrounding area, helps to fight cellulite and stimulates immunity in the body.

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