Antiage & Beauty

Description of spa procedures in hotel Villa Savoy

Not just for women, we offer several rejuvenation and beauty treatments, after which it will make your skin smoother and visibly younger. Simply choose.

Face cosmetic massage

It rejuvenates the skin and delays the process of aging, suppresses the formation of wrinkles and evens skin around the eyes, reduces stress and thus the hard contours of the face, on the contrary, it softens, makes us younger and fresher, has a beneficial effect on the psyche through a large number of nerve receptors induces a positive feeling of self-confidence, relaxation and inner joy.

Peat hemp mask

Detoxifying, firming and rejuvenating effect. Significantly reduces sagging contours. It is hypoallergenic, anti-oxidant, helps to restore the protective lipid mantle of the skin, improves skin hydration, stimulates cell metabolism, accelerates the enzymatic reaction and regeneration processes of cells, tissues deeply warms, inhibits the growth of bacteria and microorganisms. Suitable also for acne, eczema, psoriasis and allergic skin.

Luxury lifting treatment with argan - exclusive/standard

Facial and décolletage treatment for men and women. It is a unique treatment with the highest quality argan. The treatment has a strong effect on wrinkles and it’s suitable for problematic skin as it brightens, softens and tones up the skin. Argan oil is known as the liquid gold. It protects the skin against UV radiation, strengthens the immune system, prevents aging of the skin, helps retain moisture in the skin and reduces inflammation. The procedure includes EXCLUSIVE - skin cleansing, peeling, the lifting mask, argan oil massage as well as the argan and lifting serum. STANDARD - skin cleansing, argan oil massage, the processing of lifting and argan serum.

Facial treatment with damask rose

Facial and décolletage treatment for women. Suitable for all skin types, even for hypersensitive and exhausted skin as it reduces wrinkles, soothes scars and firms up the skin. Regulates sebum production. The procedure includes skin cleansing, mask, massage and the serum with argan and roses.

Facial treatments with berber fig

Facial and décolletage treatment for men and women. The Berber fig stimulates during fatigue, lethargy and mental exhaustion as it is a rich source of minerals and vitamins which contribute to the vitality and freshness of the skin of the whole body. The procedure includes skin cleansing, mask, massage and the Berber and argan serum.

Galvanic iron with natural cosmetics from the orient

This iron utilizes the galvanic currents that cause the deep nourishing of the skin (all the way to the bottom layer of the skin). This activates the lymph, reduces puffiness and the bags under the eyes in addition to the swelling of the face, reduces wrinkles and improves overall skin tone. The beauty products with avocado moisturize and regenerate the skin, improving its elasticity as well as have an anti-aging effect and are also suitable for a problematic and eczematic skin.

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