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Great czech and international cuisine of Villa Savoy hotel is ready to satisfy any of its visitors or hotel guests. If you haven´t booked accomodation with half or full board, our à la carte offer of hotel restaurant should retrieve your interest. Our staff will recommend you the best meal according to your diet program.


Tomato cream soup 55
Daily soup 45

Baked trout with cumin seasoning and mashed potatoes 220
Grilled salmon fillet with caper sauce and boiled potatoes 280

Order meals
Chicken fillet with grilled vegetables and couscous 200
Chicken schnitzel served along with boiled potatoes 200
Pork schnitzel served along with boiled potatoes 200

Vegetable salads
Leaf lettuce with chicken, sunflower seeds, and Parmesan 115
Mixed vegetable salad with sweet herb and Greek cheese 130
Small vegetable salad – side dish 50

Warm sweets
Dessert to our daily offer 50

Ice cream cups
Assorted ice with whipped cream 75
Vanilla ice cream with hot raspberies and whipped cream 75

Restaurant VILLA SAVOY**** Spa Park Hotel
U dubu 691/48, Braník 14700 Praha 4
Ičo. 28018818
Smluvní ceny platné od 1.5.2016 jsou uvedeny v Kč včetně DPH 21%
Die Preise sind gültig seit dem 1.5.2016 mit 21% MWS inbegriffen.
Договорные цены действительны с 1.5. 2016, цены в кронах, включая НДС 21%
Michal Bartoš – Hotel director
Ceny kalkuloval šefkuchař Jakub Procházka
Minimální hmotnosti, obsahy alergenů a skladby pokrmů Vám budou na požádaní sděleny obsluhou.
O – obsahuje alergeny.

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