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Spa & Wellness

Medical treatment

Traditional treatment and rehabilitation methods used Marienbad unique medicinal resources, such as Mary's gas, mineral springs (cold mineral water) and peat. These natural resources are complemented by a modern wellness treatments, full of fragrance ingredients and herbal essences. Health aspects are combined with relaxation and wellness experience.

Our experienced staff can recommend the right of the ever-growing menu of therapies and develop an individual program, including drinking cures, according to the health status and needs. The satisfaction of clients throughout your stay care of professionally trained staff, physiotherapist and spa hotel doctor.

Bath procedures

Choose from a wide range of therapeutic, relaxation and beauty baths. Release your mind and enjoy the unique pleasure of a relaxing bath.


We offer a wide range of therapeutic and relaxation massages. Enjoy example, a fragrant aroma body massage or a relaxing hot stone massage.

Wellness & Relax

Wellness is the overall balance. It is a new industry, which is engaged in purely personal care and his physical health as well as stewing. Wellness is a lifestyle that helps prevent against negative influences of our time on human health. Aim of this study is to help people in today's modern world and find their way to quality and full life. In the first instance, to make one feel good and make as much as possible to prevent the aging process.

Antiage & Beauty

Not just for women, we offer several rejuvenation and beauty treatments, after which it will make your skin smoother and visibly younger. Simply choose.