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Healing in Marienbad

Marianske Lazne is the youngest member of the famous West Bohemian spa triangle (founded in 1808) and their fame is based on the mineral springs. The dominant Marianske Lazne is a unique promenade with pavilion springs, cast iron colonnade registered in UNESCO heritage and singing fountain.

Healing springs

Marianske Lazne is situated in an area that is extremely rich in natural healing resources. The small area rises approximately 100 strands. The curative effects of mineral springs examined monks from a nearby monastery in Warm. Already in 1528 the monks served the first written report on local springs. For a long time, however, these sources inaccessible, surrounded by swamps and dense forests. The emergence of the spa is credited to a doctor Josef Jan Nehru, who in the 18th century advocated the use of springs for therapeutic purposes. His efforts have garnered success and in 1818 was declared a public Marianske Lazne spa resort, which soon became very popular and sought after.

Colonnade with The Singing fountain

Main spa promenade joins the most important springs in the center of town.

Ferdinand Springs colonnade

Empire colonnade built in 1826 by Abbot Reitenberger.


Enjoy the natural landscape visited by the poet and scholar, Johann Wolfgang Goethe.